‘Custom’ Product Descriptions Available from Smart Send

Smart Send  Custom Product Descriptions

Smart Send Custom Product Descriptions

Smart Send has provided private individuals, eBay users, and businesses with competitive low priced and convenient door-to-door shipping services for over 8 years. Smart Send Couriers constantly reviews the shipping process to come up with ways to make it faster and easier for merchants and their customers.

Smart Send’s ‘Custom’ Product Descriptions have done just that. With our Product Descriptions solution, merchants no longer have to waste time retyping product descriptions and the weights and dimensions of their goods when organising them for shipment with carriers.

With our ‘Custom’ Product Descriptions, you’ll save data entry time and streamline your despatching when completing quotes and bookings on our site. This is especially beneficial for businesses that have lots of different product types.
How to Customize your Product Descriptions:

Smart Send VIP clients can utilise the ‘Manage Custom Types’ tab in their VIP account console to create and save their own custom Product Descriptions. The packaging type (e.g. Carton, Satchel, Crate, etc.), weight and dimensions will all be saved along with your own product name. Then customers can choose this new custom Product Description from the ‘Description’ drop down menu when completing quotes from the ‘Quick Quote’ section of our site.

Not a VIP client? If you make over 5 shipments per month, you can become a Smart Send VIP member. In addition to the ‘Custom’ Product Descriptions, VIP members receive more savings and have access to a Freight Management Console to help manage all their shipping requirements.

Improve your shipping process with Smart Send today!

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