eBay Shipping Integration update



The Smart Send ‘eBay Shipping Integration’ makes it simple and efficient for Australian eBay sellers to ship their eBay sales to buyers.  Utilising this solution not only helps streamline your eBay shipping, it also provides eBay sellers with access to extremely competitive shipping options.  Smart Send provides eBay sellers with access to over 40 different shipping services provided by all the major B2B and B2C transport companies in Australia.

Since release of the Smart Send eBay Shipping Integration a number of months ago we’ve reviewed feedback provided by our customers on ways to improve the solution.  Just released are two major improvements that will interest many eBay sellers:

Fulfillment Only option:

This option allows you to continue listing on eBay the way you do currently and only use Smart Send to fulfil (book) orders seamlessly. In effect, you can continue to list with ‘Free Shipping’ or ‘Flat rate Shipping’ using the standard eBay Postage options and once your listing is purchased, simply use Smart Send to seamlessly book the order from within your Smart Send VIP account console.

All buyer and product details will be sav​ed to allow a quick, efficient booking process. Click on the Tutorial video below to view further information or access the ‘Tutorial Videos’ tab in your VIP account console.


ebay shipping tutorial video

eBay Shipping solution


Bulk Bookings option:

This feature allows you to fulfill a number of ‘purchased listings’, choose preferred shipping quotes from a range of options and then make one payment to finalise all selected orders (bulk shipping label printing is also possible). This process will help streamline the day to day despatching of your eBay sales.


For further details on the Smart Send eBay Shipping Integration or to become a VIP client and access these features, please go to https://www.smartsend.com.au/ebayBenefits.cfm.






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