Same Day Delivery Services from Smart Send

Smart Send Same Day Delivery


Today, many consumers make a lot of their purchases online. To stand out from competitors, it’s very important for e-commerce stores to provide ‘value-added’ services. One of the ‘value-added’ services buyers look for is same day delivery. If you don’t offer same day delivery services, then your customers may seek out a competitor.

Smart Send has become Australia’s leading online courier service because it helps merchants provide viable shipping options to its customers. Smart Send Couriers offers same day delivery services in the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth metropolitan areas. If your business and the buyer are located in the same local metro area, Smart Send clients can offer fast and convenient ‘1 hour’, ‘2 hour’ or ‘4 hour’ same day delivery services at extremely competitive pricing. Our pricing can be as low as $10 per delivery.

How does it work?

The ‘Quick Quote’ section of our site will display these ‘same day’ options if the FROM/TO postcodes are compatible with our service offerings. Our Smart Send Smart API solution, which provides ‘real time’ shipping costs in checkouts and automated booking/tracking services, also includes these same day delivery services. With our Smart API solution you can offer same day delivery through your website checkout. Buyers can then choose these expedited delivery services. All same day shipments can be tracked in transit, and Proof of Delivery is available to merchants for peace of mind.

Enhance your shipping process with Smart Send’s same day delivery services. Get started with Smart Send today!

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